P.O connection and more

Be in control of all your P.O and get a faster connection between you and the seller.

(P.O) is typically validated by two parties: the buyer and seller. With ROVUK you can create a (P.O), add the necessary items, and send the proof to the seller.

Make this process faster and more effective with our interface.

Rovuk Purchase Order on mobile and computer

P.O Creations

  • Fast and direct connection between buyer and seller.
  • Information related with the job site and material needed. 
  • Helps to keep the cost under budget and follow timelines.
  • Keep historical information for future purchases.
Rovuk purchase order on computer.

Vendor History

Keep vendor information and emergency contact easily stored in ROVUK software.

Received Items

Keep track of the items ordered and get proofs when receiving items at the job.

Fast Calculations

When entering the item category and the amount, you can get a precise total amount of the cost.

Date Tracker

By selecting an expected date for your items to arrive, you'll know when and who received them.