More than a company, we are a family that add value to the community

Applications like this help the community to build better and faster. We need team members that explore a collaborative culture of inclusion, grow and learn the process. Supported by our tools to make a difference in today’s world.

integration - software and services

Software & Services

Always looking for team members that want to provide an excellent product to the community.

ROVUK is an app that increases the value and potential growth of customers who acquired this amazing application. This is why we want to keep offering the best value to the community by offering the following:

  • Weekly improvement in the platform
  • Always trading in today's market
  • Research and development
integration - machine learning and IA

Machine Learning & AI

The work is created and develop. The experience is unique.

People working in machine learning and AI are building new software and apps every day, allowing millions of users to do what they never thought possible. Come make an impact with ROVUK and new technology.

  • Machine Learning Infrastructure
    Natural Language Processing
    Computer Vision

Support & Service

We make sure we are building a strong connection with the customer.

Becoming a part of the ROVUK team is another opportunity for you to enrich your full potential in customer service.